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EQM Indexes Battery Metals Commentary: May 26, 2020 Image

EQM Indexes Battery Metals Commentary: May 26, 2020

Author headshot Jane Edmondson / May 26

BloombergNEF published is long-term outlook for electric vehicles.  While it anticipates an 18% decline in EV sales this year to 1.7 million worldwide, those figures are much better than the 23% decline for vehicle sales overall. The COVID-19 crisis is set to accelerate the trend toward the electrification of transportation. This is obviously positive news for battery metals. Not so positive is the spike of cases in Latin America, which is halting lithium expansion in countries like Argentina and Chile. Meanwhile, cobalt-free battery technology continues to make inroads in China as Svolt joins CATL in launching cobalt-free batteries. US automaker GM is also working on zero-cobalt battery technology which is supposed to last one million miles.  This new technology hopes to facilitate longer driving ranges with less reliance on scarce materials like cobalt which translates into a lower cost.


Electric Vehicle Sales to Fall 18% in 2020 but Long-term Prospects Remain Undimmed
EVs more resilient as overall car market expected to shrink by 23% in response to health and economic crisis.

BloombergNEF Electric Vehicle Outlook 2020

What's new in EVO 2020 and how will COVID-19 impact the EV industry?


The EV Boom Could Accelerate Peak Oil Demand
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the short-term outlook for global vehicle manufacturing industry and sales, including sales of electric vehicles (EVs).

How Africa can corner a tenth of the world battery metals market - if being brave favours Fortune!
In the post- COVID-19 world we believe it will be moving even faster towards a de-carbonized future and renewable energy and we think this is fairly positive. 

Coronavirus halts lithium expansion in Argentina and Chile
Projects under development halted and significant investments cancelled, as impact of Covid-19 pandemic begins to hit home.

Western Areas Takes Stake In Nickel Rival Panoramic
Nickel miner, Western Areas has made an opportunistic grab for a dominant minority position in rival miner Panoramic.

Manganese has been on a tear and this junior's DSO plans just received a shot in the arm
This year is looking increasingly like a good one for manganese plays with prices rising 50 per cent since the middle of March to $US6.02 ($9.17) per dry metric tonne unit, or about 10kg.

Battery tech leaps forward as firms ditch cobalt
Chinese battery company SVOLT a spin-off of Great Wall Motors, revealed two cobalt-free batteries last week. They are the latest example in the new energy vehicle sector to extend driving ranges while reducing the reliance on scarce materials.


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Author thumbnail Co-Founder of EQM Indexes LLC and Founder of EQM Capital LLC. Ms. Edmondson is a former Quantitative Portfolio Manager with Allianz Global Investors and its predecessor firm Nicholas-Applegate. She started her career at Merrill Lynch and has more than 25 years of experience in the investment industry. She holds an MBA in Finance from San Diego State University and a BA from UC Irvine.

During February lithium stocks showed mostly negative performance, led by Pilbara Minerals & Orocobre with a decrease of -12% and Galaxy Resources dropping -11% in comparison with the previous month.

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